This site is made by me, Greendan in early 2015. It is dedicated to Super Mario Bros. X Greendan Edition, an episode of the original Super Mario Bros. X. In this site I will upload every king of information about the game. The whole project started in 2012. But for 11 year old, who just found this game somewhere in the internet, is too hard to do, so that's why it's in process so long. But the more I grow, the more I learn about it. So, that's why every next world of the game, is better from the previous one. Now I'm 15 and I make the levels better (physical and esthetical). And the selection of soundtracks is better. Therefore, I'm remodelling the earlier levels.
  I'm sorry if my language is bad. I'm Bulgarian and I'm still studying English.

Hope you enjoy!
Everything you see in this site as information or picture may be different eventually, until the episode Super Mario Bros. X Greendan Edition is finished.

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