Update: 15/3/2017!!!
Hello everyone! Check out the new logo of Super Mario Bros. X Greendan Edition! It's in better quality and shading. And also shiny!

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  At the day after the Star Festival, Princess Peach sent an invitation to the Mario Brothers to come in the castle, where she had baken a cake for them. Suddenly, two intruders came and corrupted the party. That were Bowser and Kamek. Kamek launched an enormous orb of power towards Peach's Castle, but the magical power of the Shine Sprites inside the castle formed a shield, which headed off the orb and hurled it to the cosmos. Then, it directed right to Rosalina's Comet Observatory. The orb hit the center of the observatory (which Rosalina and Lumas call 'bacon') and 12 of the Power Stars were scattered arround the world. Two of them were Grand Stars, so the Observatory was unable to travel. Rosalina and her Lumas were forced to land on the Earth. Then, they went to the Star Palace - their temporary home.
 Meanwhile, Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach and captured the Mushroom Kingdom. On the way to his castle, on the 8th world, he sent the Koopalings to the 7 worlds to prevent the Brothers from coming. Help Mario and Luigi along their adventure to save the Princess and to restore the Power Stars.
Is that the end of the story? You will find out if you play!
- 8 variety of exciting worlds;
- Over 90 completely new levels;
- New custom power-ups;
- A huge world map;
- Tons of custom graphics from the New Super Mario Bros. Series;
- Sound effects from New Super Mario Bros. Wii ;
- Awesome soundtracks along the game;
- 9th hidden world with increased difficulty;
- 12 hidden Power Stars.
  The game borrows elements from:
- New Super Mario Bros. Wii;
- New Super Mario Bros. 2;
- New Super Mario Bros.;
- New Super Mario Bros. U;
- Super Mario Galaxy;
- Super Smash Bros. Brawl;
- Super Mario Sunshine;
- Super Mario 3D World:
- Mario Forever;
- And much more!
  Download link:

Demo 1 Coming Soon!

 I am still working on the project. But the first demo will be available right after I finish the third world!
World 1: Mini-Mega World 100% Completed

1-1 Mushroom Plains 100%
1-2 Crystal Caverns 100%
1-3 Every Mushroom Dance Now 100%
1-4 Flame Tower 100%
1-5 Toad Lake 100%
1-6 Yoshi's Plains 100%
1-7 Mushroom Skies 100%
1-8 Larry's Fiery Castle 100%

World 2: Yellow Dunes World 100% Completed

2-1 Blazing Sands 100%
2-2 Dark Caves 100%
2-3 Totempole Summit 100%
2-4 Dusty Tower 100%
2-5 Pyramid Maze 100%
2-6 Windy Dunes 100%
2-7 Muncher's Bomberfield 100%
2-8 Roy's Sandy Castle 100%

World 3: Snowy Arches World 90% Completed

3-1 Penguin Slide 100%
3-2 Slippery Ice Edges 100%
3-3 Snowy Sky Parkour 100%
3-4 Ice Tower 100%
3-5 Icicle Cave 100%
3-6 Spooky Snowflakes 100%
3-7 Snowy Night 100%
3-8 Lemmy's Frozen Castle 0%
Гост 13 Март
Nice! I'm looking foward for this episode to be finished.
greendan 15 Март
Rahmah Egol 17 Март
The project sure looks freaking awesome soon! Good luck on your project!^^
greendan 14 Април
Thanks a lot! I really appreciate that!
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